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Surplus Granite is a family-owned and operated contracting firm, specializing in Kitchen and Granite countertops and all types of interior renovations.

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Our goal is to defeat the contractor stereotype and provide our customers with unmatched quality and service. How do we acomplish this task? Very simple: With experience and by hiring only the best Craftsmen.


Many reviews here said surplus granite counters are the best so I decided to give them a try if and guys I wanted to thank you because they nailed it for me... I couldn`t have a better looking kitchen if I had designed it myself. I strongly agree with everyone who praises Eddie and his crew they really do a great job. They are very nice, very knowledgeable, and most importantly, sincere. You will not feel cheated or overcharged. They come to your place and don't try to push you or sell you anything! They left my house and left a Business card. No pressure no hassle, No " I will give you 10% off if you sign Today BS!!!!" We are so sick and tired of that Sales tricks! Anyways I called them the next day and 4 Days Later I had a brand new kitchen with Quartz Countertops Completely Done! Don't Hesitate to call Eddie. Im sure He is Extremely Busy! But Trust me It will be worth it!.... Im very Happy Thank you!

Eddie and his team did an amazing job for us here in the Inland Empire They did one big Island in our Kitchen, along with another counter top in my personal home. They also installed a brand new double sink vanity in our bathroom on short notice. Amazing,quality work at prices 25% below anyone else(Trust me I shopped). I was really concerned what the quality was going to be because of the price, but was shocked at the craftsmanship of Eddie's team, and how well they performed. Even when I bought a new stove after the fact, Eddie's team still made it out here to adjust for the new stove and make slight adjustments. Eddie also gave me a quote on a rental property for the entire kitchen in a timely manner. Usually you can't get great pricing, service AND quality, but Eddie and his teams pulled it off for us! I will be using Eddie on ALL properties from here on out, and will be sure to get him business with my friends. Thanks Eddie and Team,Dave K.